GAPSAC Constitution

We hereby associate to form a Council, not organized for profit, and to that end set forth the following:

Article I – Name

The name of the Council is the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council (GAPSAC)

Article II – Purposes

The goals for which the Council is organized are:

1. The provision of:

  • a framework for approving the school accreditation programs of the member organizations
  • communication and cooperation between various groups of private elementary and secondary schools, between such schools and their public-school counterparts, including various branches and agencies of State and local governments and other State educational organizations.

2. The encouragement of diversity in education.

3. The enhancement of opportunities for more families to have a realistic choice among schools for their children.

4. The encouragement of a commitment to excellence in education.

5. The fostering of a closer sharing by private schools in the State’s educational tasks.

Article III – Members

Section 1

Members shall be such associations, corporations, and other organizations in Georgia as may be invited by two-thirds vote of the Board members of the Council to be represented in the membership of the Council and (1) are affiliated with or represent elementary and secondary private schools; (2) subscribe to a policy of admission of students without regard to race, color, or national origin; (3) are operated for educational purposes, and (4) are affiliated with a religious organization or are organized on a “not for profit” basis.

Section 2
Each member as herein above provided shall become such forthwith upon the filing with the President of the Council a letter of intent along with a completed Membership Application and the appropriate membership fee (see Membership Approval Procedures, pg. 15). Each such organization shall remain a member until it shall resign in writing or until it is dropped from membership for non-payment of dues.
Section 3

Each member which has one or more member schools in Georgia shall be represented at Annual and Special Meetings of the membership by a Director designated by that member organization or by proxy signed by the President or other head of such organization. The representation of a majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum. Each Board member shall be entitled to one vote at such meetings, and the votes of a majority of those represented and voting shall be sufficient to carry any motion or decision.

Section 4
Member organizations which have less than ten (10) member schools in the state of Georgia will be permitted to have a representative attend meetings of the Board, but such representatives will have no voting privileges. Member associations that no longer have school representation in Georgia shall have voting privileges suspended until they re-established member schools within the state of Georgia.
Section 5
Voting privileges shall apply to all Directors.

Article IV – Directors

Section 1
The business and affairs of the Council shall be managed by its Board of Directors, which may exercise all the powers of the Council.
Section 2
The number of Directors shall be equal to the number of member organizations having at least one school in the state of Georgia in addition to one Director designated as follows: The additional Director shall be selected by the Georgia Board of Education, appointed in writing by the Board Chairperson, who shall serve as a liaison between the Georgia Board of Education and the Council. Directors of the Council will be eligible to serve as an Officer after completing two years on the GAPSAC Board.
Section 3
Meetings of the Board of Directors, regular or special, may be held at such locations within Georgia or as may be specified by the Bylaws. The annual meeting of the Directors shall be held on such day and at such time as may be specified by the Bylaws.

Article V – Offices

The principal office of the Council shall be at such place in Georgia as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine or as the business of the Council may require.

Article VI – Miscellaneous

Section 1

Except as the Directors may generally or in particular cases; authorize the execution thereof in some other manner, all checks, drafts, and other obligations made, accepted, or endorsed by the Council shall be signed by the President or the Treasurer

Section 2
The fiscal year of the Council shall end on the thirtieth day of June of each year.
Section 3
The Board of Directors is empowered to receive dues, grants, and contributions from members, foundations, and other appropriate sources from time to time, in such amounts, and according to such formulae as the Directors shall determine.

Article VII – Amendments

This Constitution may be altered, amended, or repealed by vote of two-thirds of the then existing Directors at any annual meeting or special meeting called for the purpose, the notice of which shall specify the subject matter of the proposed alteration, amendment, or repeal, of the articles to be affected thereby.

Article VIII – Duration

The duration of the Council shall be perpetual.

Dated the 7th day of July 1997

Revised 3 May 2022

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